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JRit - Software to run your business

We are a group of professional software developers and IT specialists - Working with Microsoft Access, SQL, PHP, Visual Basic (VB),, ActionScript and more. We are based in Scotland and we combine years of business experience, with degree level expertise, to offer our clients comprehensive and effective solutions.

Whether you are a one man band or a large company, whether you need a fully interactive website with e-commerce facilities and offline synchronisation to your custom built internal database or simply some help keeping your customer records organised, can assist.

We offer a range of pre-built products that can be integrated into your existing system, or we can build a completely new system tailored exactly to your requirements. Our rates are very reasonable and we work with organisations of all sizes.

Our friendly consultants always take care to explain things without using complex jargon!

After-sales Support

All of our products and services are supplied with ongoing support from our friendly and helpful team. We pride ourselves on a fast and efficient response to all queries and problems. You can be assured that, even years down the line, we'll be on call to help. We frequently receive compliments from our existing customers on this aspect of our service.

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